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The Labour Comb a simple and effective tool, that can be used in labour to reduce the need for pain relief. 

By using the Gate Control Theory this diverts pain signals. This distracts your brain and releases endorphins into your body that block the pain! 

At the peak of a contraction grip the comb in your hand on the lao gang acupressure point and along with some calm breathing, you've got this Mama!

How to us the Birth Comb for Pain Relief During Your Labour. The theory is that:

The teeth of the comb stimulate the acupressure points in the hand causing an endorphin release and it may serve as a distraction to the sensations of labour. 

It is also thought that it may work in the same way as sterile water injections and TENS machines. The 'gate theory" works on the fact that our brain struggles to deal with two sensations at one time. Discomfort caused on the hand from the comb, travels along the nerve pathways to the brain and this competes with the discomfort of the surge and not only results in blocking the intensity of the discomfort, but also stimulates an endorphin release.


You need this for your Labour Bag!!!!

Partum Panties Labour Comb

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