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Hypnobirthing FAQs

What is Hypnosis?


Most people associate hypnosis with someone being put into a trance and made to do silly things. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is a shortcut to the subconscious, allowing us to replace unwanted patterns with more desirable ones. There is very little difference between hypnosis and what we would know today as guided meditation.


When is the best time to attend a Hypnobirthing Australia™ Course?


The best time is between 20-32 weeks. However, we can accommodate you at any time. Contact Michelle to discuss what options may suit your circumstances.

Why choose the Hypnobirthing Australia™ Course over other hypnobirthing courses?


Check out this article on the difference between Hypnobirthing Australia, HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method & Calmbirth.

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