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Prepare for Postpartum

Now that you have spent all that time and energy on preparing for baby, researching the best pram, car seat, etc… it is time to start thinking about you.


Caring for new mums is just as, if not more, important as caring for the newborn. You are about to be born as a mother, and this is one transition that requires support. We need to ensure that you will be held just as much as the baby.


Traditional Chinese tradition refers to this time as the Golden Month. You may also have heard of this time as the fourth trimester. It is a delicate time involving physical, mental and emotional changes. You have just grown and birthed a human – that is taxing work! Your body is healing and needs replenishment. Your hormones are in all sorts of crazy transition. You are sleep deprived. You are learning to care for and bond with baby. This is not solo work. They say it takes a village for a reason. We were not designed to do it alone.

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