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Prepare for Birth

Congratulations on your pregnancy!


I expect you are now exuding that ‘pregnancy glow’ that people talk about… just kidding! Sure, if this is your reality then great news! However, for many women this can be a challenging time with all sorts of expected and unexpected surprises. 


The great news is that Chinese Medicine, and in particular, Acupuncture, offers great support in providing relief from some of those pregnancy ails and can also be used in preparation for labour. The best part about acupuncture in pregnancy is that it offers a ‘drug free’ approach to optimising health and wellbeing. It has also been proven to be safe in pregnancy – backed up by research*.


*Park J. The safety of acupuncture during pregnancy: a systematic review Acupunct Med 2014;32(3):257-66 

Now let’s have a little chat about your birth. I am not happy to report that currently one in three Australian women will experience birth trauma. I do not want this to be you. This is no time to ‘wing it’.


When you can approach your birth with knowledge and great tools, you don’t have to be a passenger on a runaway train. You can be the driver on your journey. This is where the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program can be your greatest weapon.


I used these skills myself for my own births and believe that every woman should have this knowledge, which is why I choose to teach this program. Let me support you to achieve your positive birthing experience.

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