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Supporting Lactation with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Are you concerned about your milk supply? Or are you wanting to ensure that you can sustain breastfeeding for longer? Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a holistic, natural approach to lactation and breast milk production.
How does Chinese Medicine view Lactation?

In Chinese Medicine theory, following birth, the blood that nourished the placenta is now transformed into breastmilk. This process requires an abundance and smooth flow of Qi (energy) for this transformation to occur.

If a mother is depleted before birth, experiences a significant blood loss in labour or is unable to rest and recover during the postpartum period, this may be reflected in a poor milk supply. 

Emotional stress and feelings of frustration and anger can impede circulation, which may affect the letdown of milk through the ducts.

Where can you seek advice in Australia for breastfeeding support?

If you have concerns about your breastfeeding journey or breastmilk supply, contact your local IBCLC Lactation Consultant. You may also find some helpful advice at the

Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Can you increase breastmilk supply naturally?

The reasons you may be experiencing a low supply can be varied. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may be beneficial, following a consultation, to determine any underlying disharmony.


  • Frequent breastfeeding and/or pumping, as well as regular skin to skin with baby can help to stimulate prolactin and oxytocin release.

  • Incorporating stress relief practices can be beneficial if you are feeling overwhelmed. Take a few deep breaths before feeding, listen to a meditation or enjoy a warm cup of tea. Anything that brings you joy will enhance your oxytocin release.

  • Don’t forget the fluids. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of room temperature/warm water and herbal teas.

  • Nourish the body with a variety of nutritious foods and healthy snacks to replenish Qi and blood lost during pregnancy and childbirth. Easy to digest soups and stews with protein and bone broths will aid in boosting vitamin and mineral intake. The collagen in bone broths also assists in wound healing post birth. Include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables, a variety of wholegrains, protein sources from animals and plants and high quality fats.

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Will lactation cookies help to increase breast milk supply?

During breastfeeding, your calorie requirements increase. Having good quality snacks on hand is essential. Consuming snacks with natural galactagogues, found in lactation cookies, may help to boost supply.

What is a galactagogue?


A galactagogue is a substance which may be used to induce, increase or maintain milk production. Flourish in Natal lactation cookie mixes contain natures breast milk boosting galactagogues, almond and flax meal.

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How do you make lactation cookies?

I have done the hard work for you. All you need to do is add an egg and coconut oil or butter to the Flourish in Natal Cookie Mix and bake in the oven. The mixes make 15 cookies.

Can I still eat lactation cookies if I have dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! Flourish in Natal Cookie Mixes are preservative free, gluten free and dairy free (if made with coconut oil). 

Why do the cookie mixes not contain brewers yeast?


One reason, taste! I want you to enjoy your snacks.

The addition of natural ingredients to nourish Blood and Qi, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is what makes these products different. Real food, designed to replenish and heal your body in pregnancy and postpartum and boost your breast milk supply naturally. With the added bonus of being delicious!

Where can I buy lactation cookies?


Find Cookie Mixes and other Snacks in the online store. Or at selected stockists in Perth such as East Meets West in Tuart Hill, Cafe Mojo Mundaring & Hire for Baby in Bellevue.

Can I eat lactation cookies during pregnancy and if I am not breastfeeding?


Absolutely! All pregnant and new mothers need nutritious snacks. Flourish in Natal snack mixes are full of protein, fibre and essential fatty acids to ensure that you are able to sustain the intensity of pregnancy and motherhood.

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